Lisa Duoos: Racehorse owner and breeder

Lisa Duoos 8-25-16 CBY

By Megan Johnson

Lisa Duoos has been breeding and raising thoroughbreds for eight years at her farm in New Prague. On average she foals out 35 mares a year. “Due to breeding, there are a lot of the horses that I see on any given race day at Canterbury that I have some connection with,” Lisa said. “There’s usually at least one horse every race that I’ve been with during their upbringing.”

Three years ago Lisa got more involved in the racing aspect of the industry and started owning race horses. “I had a couple of babies that I didn’t have the heart to sell so I kept them,” she explained. Since Lisa began owning, she tries to start two horses a year. Lisa started the meet off with four horses and now currently has two horses in training that are trained by Nancy Sheehan.

One of Lisa’s favorite memories from owning comes from a large bucket list that she hopes to continue achieving throughout her lifetime. Last year she was able to cross one her goals off the list when she brought Darkhorse Ty, a two-year-old gelding, to the track and he broke his maiden on his first time out of the gates. Another goal she hopes to cross off the list in the near future is to have a Minnesota Stakes Champion.

When Lisa isn’t spending time at the farm or the racetrack she enjoys being outdoors. “I like to hike and spend time at the lake when I can.” Lisa also likes to travel south during the off season when her duties with the horses slow down a little.


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