Dan Flanigan and Caroline Street Stables

Dan Flanigan 7-28-16 CBY

Originally from Detroit, Dan Flanigan moved to Minnesota 18 years ago. He started his ownership of horses while being a part of a syndicate at Saratoga. In 2006, Dan and Chip Symington decided to own horses on their own and formed a partnership, Caroline Street Stables. They claimed their first horse, Cousin Sue, from Churchill Downs and brought her to Canterbury to race.

Since 2006, their partnership has had over 140 starts at Canterbury and they have consistently worked with trainer Vic Hanson. “He does a great job at keeping his horses conditioned,” Dan explained. “He keeps his horses healthy and he’s one of the main reasons we’ve continued to own horses.”

On average, Caroline Street Stables has had five horses racing each year but currently they have just one at Canterbury. When they aren’t racing at Canterbury their horses race at Remington Park in Oklahoma City. They also own mares in Kentucky that they breed.

“One of my favorite memories was seeing Lost in the Fog win the King’s Bishop Stakes in 2005 at Saratoga while breaking a stakes record,” he said. “When he came back from the race and was about to enter the winner’s circle he got a standing ovation. That’s when I was hooked.”

While many horse owners enjoy handicapping horse races, Dan Flanigan travels around the country to play in NHC tournaments. He has won Canterbury’s Ultimate NHC Qualifier two years in a row. When he isn’t at the racetrack he enjoys playing tennis and golf, along with spending time with his kids.


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