Racehorse owners Hopsngrapes Racing LLC

Hopsngrapes Racing LLC

By Megan Johnson

Hopsngrapes Racing, a local ownership partnership, became interested in racing after they attended Canterbury College. The individuals started their ownership in a larger group but decided they wanted to be even more involved so they started a partnership group three years ago. The partnership is comprised of three couples and one individual, Mike Wheeler and Bridget Hegeman, Bill Wiseman and Lisa Drogemuller, Jim and Amy Tepp, and Don Wheeler. Hopsngrapes Racing got its name because the men of the group favor beer, whereas the women of the group favor wine.

Hopsngrapes currently works with trainer Nancy Sheehan and has one horse, The Real McCoy. “It’s been great to work with Nancy,” Lisa Drogemuller said. “She’s always been honest and open to us asking questions.” Hopsngrapes would love to get a couple more horses, specifically a yearling and have the opportunity to watch it develop.

The Hopsngrapes partnership explained that they have had good success in their partnership because they share similar philosophies and continue to be transparent and honest with each other.

“The winner’s circle after winning a race is one of the best things,” Lisa explained. “But this is also a fun social event that we enjoy. Coming out to the races and doing activities on the backside like barbeques is a great way to see everyone.”


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