Mac Robertson

Mac Robertson

By Kristin Bechthold

Mac Robertson has been a prominent trainer at Canterbury Park since 2005, having been the champion leading trainer for nine consecutive years, from 2005 to 2013. He is currently on the leader board for the leading trainer of the 2015 meet.

Robertson grew up in the racing industry since his father was a trainer at Penn National Race Course. He started working at the race track as an assistant trainer for his father when he was just 12 years old. He then branched out and worked for other trainers during the next few years and developed his niche for training. Today, Robertson has been training for a total of 21 years. In addition to Canterbury, he races at Delaware Park, Arlington Park, and Oaklawn Park.

Today, it’s clear that Robertson found his true niche early in life. He regards training as being even more fun than racing. Although he attended college for business marketing, he doesn’t have a clear idea of what he would be doing if he wasn’t training. “I think if you work hard, you’re honest and you don’t try to cheat people out of money, I think you can find a job doing just about anything,” Robertson said.

In addition to racing, Robertson’s interests are fishing and competitive sports. He prefers collegiate sports over professional sports because he believes that collegiate athletes will always give 100%, just like he expects his horses to. In his small amounts of free time, he enjoys relaxing and taking small cat-naps to reset his mind.



Although Robertson doesn’t have a definitive favorite memory of his racing career, he considers every win a good memory. “I think I have a special appreciation for winning,” Robertson said. “If for some reason I’m not happy for me, I’m happy for the horse. Horses know when they win.” Robertson’s goal for the future is simply to do a good job every day and to give every horse he trains his or her best chance to win.


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