Stewards’ Watch – Gate Malfunction

Stewards Watch June 29

At the start of a turf race on June 18, there was a gate malfunction which led to a stewards’ ruling.  Find out more here.





  1. Can you please explain to me how you came to the decision of “no change” for race 4 on July 16th? It appeared obvious to me and many other experienced horseplayer’s that it was a clear case of #2 Skirts on Fire blowing the turn and eliminating half the field. Even the Equibase chart states, “bore out, caused chaos” for Skirts on Fire. I’d love some insight into how you came to your conclusion. Thanks!

  2. Subj: Race 4 on July 16
    Aside from the challenges posed in the race involving the gate malfunction, there is no question Race 4 on July 16 was the most difficult race to dissect because there were so many incidents. Following is from the Stewards’ Daily Report to the Minnesota Racing Commission:
    “4th–General inquiry called by Stewards into severe incidents into the first turn involving #2 Skirts on Fire, #3 Ms Mumba, #5 Sismonceo, #7 Andrea’s Josie and #11 Marcenia. After repetitive reviews of the videotape replays, Stewards made no change in the original order of finish as they determined there were too many horsesvying for too few spaces resulting in considerable bumping between horses while jockeys tried to get control of their mounts without any one horse or rider being directly at fault.”
    Before #2 Skirts on Fire “bore out, caused chaos,” as described by the Equibase chartcaller, there were several bumps between Skirts on Fire and #3 Ms Mumba making both horses more aggressive as they reached the turn. In addition, #5 Sismonceo came in under Jockey Ry Eikleberry putting Ms Mumba in tight quarters. Also, Jockey Lori Keith, riding #7Andrea’s Josie, was trying to stay off heels of #9 Haley’s Comet. While Keith was looking for an opening, she ended up in tight quarters when #11 Marcenia, with Hugo Sanchez aboard, kept things tight from the outside when he didn’t releave any pressure leaving the other riders with few options.

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