Leg Up Fund Day

Buy a win picture from a Canterbury Park Hall of Fame breeder/owners’s extensive collection, or maybe take on a wrestler from the professional circuit and demonstrate that he’s all wet in the dunk tank.

Maybe you need a stone jockey statue for the doorway to the barn or next to the front steps from the estate of the late Cam Casby, the aforementioned breeder/owner. She left a multitude of racing artifacts and paraphernalia certain to entice racing fans with a fond spot for any of the winning horses in her vast stable.

Dunk a celebrity, sponsor a jockey for the day or buy a chance for dinner with him or her. All proceeds go to the Leg Up Fund which assists Canterbury Park jockeys while they are recovering from injuries.

The men and women who ride horses for a living are often left to their own means once they are hurt. They do not receive the benefits guaranteed to athletes in other sports. Help out today any way you see fit. The Leg Up Fund is reserved exclusively for Canterbury’s riders.

Anne Von Rosen, a long-time Canterbury jockey who was paralyzed in a spill at Turf Paradise in Phoenix a year ago, will return to Shakopee for today’s events.

Among the personalities who devoted time to the dunk tank are The Brauler, a three-time world heavyweight wrestling champion who also won a multitude of titles as a tag team champion. You might recognize the fellow from one of his television commercials for Fiat. Or how about The Burgler, a former Canadian tough man champion?

Doesn’t grab you? Well, then, take a dunk chance at one of the female body builders who have donated time to the cause, or one of the jockeys from the Canterbury Park colony. There’s someone to dunk for everyone.

Maybe Ian Gamble, Canterbury’s former track superintendent. Or maybe Molly Jacobsen Cronk, the administrative assistant in the HBPA office? She’ll be available, too.

There is someone for just about everyone’s tastes. As HBPA director Patrice Underwood put it, “If anyone wants to see skin and muscle, we have it.”

You also can donate by texting ‘JOCKEY’ to 41444


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