Anatomy of a DQ

Stewards Watch June 15

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  1. Bruce Meyer says:

    Sometimes there are coupled entries in the wagering. If the 1 horse is disqualified by the stewards for interference, but the 1a was the winner of the race, is there a scenario where the 1a could be taken down due to the action by his entry mate?

    • Yes, the #1A could be disqualified if #1 benefitted by interference of #1A to other starters that may have affected the outcome of the race.
      At Canterbury, horses with common ties have been uncoupled in all races since early in the 2013 race meet. However, if a horse with common ownership ties finishes in a money position, i.e. first, second, third or fourth, and, in the determination of the stewards benefitted by his stablemate causing interference to one or more other horses that otherwise would have obtained a better placing, the stewards may disqualify both horses with common ownership ties and place them behind the horses affected by the interference.

  2. Have any of you guys ever been in a verbal or physical fight with a trainer or jockey after changing or not changing the order of finish?

    • None of us have ever been in a physical altercation with a trainer or jockey after ruling on an objection or inquiry.

      We have received a few phone calls the same racing day from trainers or jockeys complaining about a disqualification. Those calls are generally quite short as the stewards invite the complainant to review the replays the morning of the next racing day.

  3. I understand why a vet or trainer might scratch a horse, but what are the reason(s) stewards scratch horses?…Thanks

    • Thanks for the question Bob. Here is an answer:

      By racing rules, stewards are the only officials who can scratch horses or accept the recommendations to scratch from other officials most often the state veterinarians, or on occasion, the starter.
      Some of the reasons stewards scratch horses include:
      – No foal registration papers
      – No lip tattoo
      – No Minnesota Worker’s Compensation policy
      – No appearance on grounds
      – No transportation available or a van breakdown
      – Horse not in compliance with workout rules
      – Horse not in care, custody, and control of trainer named in program
      – Owner’s license application not completed
      – Trainer request in field of more than 10
      – Track condition, e.g. off turf or risk of re-injury on muddy or sloppy conditions
      – Horse entered as MTO (Main Track Only) when race stays on grass.
      – Race Office Request to help fill entries on another racing day
      – On advice of state veterinarians after morning race day inspections due to sickness, lameness, soreness, injury or confirmation of illness after having already been treated by a practicing veterinarian, or during the racing program due to lameness, warming up, injury in gate, flipping in paddock, or injury in post parade
      – On advice of starter, e.g. horse needs more schooling or is fractious loading in gate and may be a threat to injure assistant starters, the jockey, or other horses
      – Jockey refuses to ride after warming up and no other jockey is available and willing to accept the mount
      – Horse unseats jockey while warming up and runs loose at a fast pace for several furlongs

  4. On 7-19 race 7 the 8 horse Pensador came down on the 7 horse Justcallme Charlie. You didn’t disqualify him because you said he broke in front of the seven and came down on him causing the 7 to hit the 8. If one horse cuts off another how is it the fault of the horse that got cut off? You can’t possibly say the 7 was at fault for not getting out of the way when the 8 wasn’t clear. The 8 clearly caused the contact which made the 7 check back to third to last which took any chance he had to win the race away.

    7883.0160 POST TO FINISH. Subp. 6. Interference and willful fouling.
    The following rules shall apply with respect to the running of a race.
    When clear, a horse may be taken to any part of the course but no horse shall cross or weave in front of other horses in such a way as to impede them or constitute or cause interference or intimidation such that it would affect the outcome of the race.
    If a horse or jockey jostles another horse such that it would affect the outcome of the race, the aggressor may be disqualified, unless the jostled horse or its jockey was partly at fault, or the jostling was wholly caused by some other horse or jockey.

    • Subj: Race 7 on July 19
      #8 Pensador broke inward at the start while #7 Justcallme Charlie broke a half-step slow. Jockey Dean Butler on Pensador pulled strongly on his mount’s right rein and had Pensador straightened after three strides. Pensador went on to finish a strong second to his winning stablemate and they drew away in the stretch to be pounds the best of the other starters. Justcallme Charlie finished 10th.
      Addressing 7883.0160A, after viewing the videotape replays, the Stewards rejected the foul claim lodged by Jockey Hugo Sanchez determining the problem out of the gate to be an incident of the start, which happens frequently and especially with young horses. In regard to 7883.0160B, Justcallme Charlie’s slower break made the horse and jockey partially at fault for the jostling as Justcallme Charlie turned Pensador further inward when Justcallme Charlie made contact with Pensador’s left hind quarters.
      In addition, there was no way to elevate Justcallme Charlie into a money position (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th) by disqualifying Pensador and placing that horse behind Justcallme Charlie, who would then have been 9th. The Stewards could have sanctioned Pensador’s rider without disqualifying the horse, but they determined Butler had made sufficient effort to correct the early problems.

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