Jockeys Still Making Moves

jockey room

In mid-April it was reported here that Ry Eikleberry, last year’s leading rider, would not return to Shakopee to defend that title.  He did leave wiggle room though:   “Things can always change…….,”  Ry said.

Apparently they have, as he is now expected to arrive here early in the week according to agent Chad Anderson, who had a sudden opening when jockey Alex Canchari notified him that he would no longer be coming to Canterbury and instead remaining at Prairie Meadows to ride.  Here, not here, here, not here. More on both matters in a future post.

Hitting the lottery might be easier than predicting where a jockey will end up. Consult the overnight on Tuesday after opening night’s entries are taken.

The Horse Whisperer noticed the arrival of jockey Jenna Joubert, who is expected to ride this meet. Joubert notched her first career win at Canterbury in 2007 but has not ridden regularly at Canterbury since. The New Prague native has 251 wins and more than $4.8 million in purse earnings.

The feature race on May 15, the first of 70 race days, is the $60,000 10,000 Lakes Stakes. Bourbon County, owned by Rake Farms, is expected to enter. The following day will be the Lady Slipper Stakes with another Rake Farms runner, Sky and Sea, likely to be challenged by Polar Plunge.



  1. As good a rider as Alex Canchari is he isn’t going to make anymore dimes riding at Prairie Meadows than he would at Canterbury Park even with a larger purse structure. His agent will find out too, there is a lot of politics on what owners and trainers will do to select riders. Why go there when you would likely have first call on some of the best horses, in the stakes events here? He would have been better off going to Deleware than being in the meat grinder that is the Prairie Meadows Jockey’s colony. Maybe he want’s a challenge, but having first call on the best horses on the grounds is what any agent and rider should want. You get paid back for your loyalty. Glad to see Ry Eikleberry is coming back he is definitly apart of the Canterbury family.

  2. I agree with J. It’s a little bothersome that Canterbury has finally stepped up their purses over the past few years and now a lot of the more winning jockeys are moving on to other summer locations. Perhaps its because 2014 was so contested, where any given week, Eikleberry, Butler, Franco, or Canchari were riding the most winners. You can definitely spot talent and see a difference a better jockey makes on a horse, but at the end of the day, the best horse is going to win more often than not. This just allows some other up and comers to make names. Really disappointed that Canchari backed out of the meet for a second time, he had a real chance to be a legend at this track, but the kid’s talent is undeniable.

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