Charette-Hill qualifies eight for the Canterbury Park Quarter Horse Derby

Send Me This Wagon

Send Me This Wagon

Trainer Stacy Charette-Hill saddled 12 horses today at Canterbury Park in the three trial races for the $52,775 Canterbury Park Quarter Horse Derby. Eight of the 12 ran fast enough to qualify for the July 6 final, including top qualifier Send Me This Wagon who covered 400 yards in 19.872 seconds.

The six fastest 3-year-olds were from Charette-Hill’s stable while Ed Ross Hardy had the seventh qualifier and Charley Hunt the eighth.

“I thought I had five good enough to get into the final,” Charette-Hill said. “Send Me This Wagon is probably the fastest but High Dice is just a solid horse.” High Dice was the second fastest qualifier.

Jockey Jorge Torres rode the winner for Charette-Hill in each of the three trials.

The 10 qualifiers:

Send Me This Wagon    19.872 Charette-Hill
High Ace                         19.987 Charette-Hill
This Wagons Okay         19,989 Charette-Hill
Littel Pyc                          20.089 Charette-Hill
Eyesa Wagon Maker       20.189 Charette-Hill
Wolfgang James             20.247 Charette-Hill
Xoom                               20.238 Hardy
Valiant Wisdom               20.368 Hunt
Sassie Wagon                 20.368 Charette-Hill
My Red Rock                  20.399 Charette-Hill


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