Carl Kroening loved to handicap the races, to absorb himself in the Daily Racing Form and the past performances of horses on a given card. He enjoyed assembling the many elements and constituents of a race in an effort to extract a winner. That didn’t surprise most of his friends, certainly not those who knew him well. … [Read More...]

Recent News from Canterbury Park

1,000th Career Win For Trainer David Van Winkle

Thoroughbred trainer David Van Winkle recorded the 1,000th victory of his career when longshot Charlie Again and jockey Hugo Sanchez won the fifth race Thursday at Canterbury Park. Van Winkle’s training career began in 1989 in Nebraska. He now trains primarily at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, … [Read More...]

Sandra Sweere Tends To Growing Stable

By Katie Merritt Trainer Sandra Sweere and her daughter Tember may not officially be from Minnesota, but they are quick to claim Prior Lake, just a few miles down the road from Canterbury, as home. “I grew up in Iowa, we’re from Iowa,” Sweere explained, “But I had brothers and sisters over … [Read More...]

Diamonds Are an Owner’s Best Friend

By Noah Joseph One of the most recognizable silks at Canterbury Park in recent times has been blue silks with a red diamond cluster and red diamonds on the sleeves. Those are the silks of Bob Lothenbach, who races under Lothenbach Stables. Lothenbach Stables is a top owner of horses … [Read More...]

Bill Kroska and Miracle Logistics

By Katie Merritt Lakeville, Minnesota native and horse owner Bill Kroska, has always loved horseracing. When the track first opened as Canterbury Downs in the mid-80s, he used to come to the track just to sit and watch them run, in total awe. “They’re just so fun to watch,” he gushed, “How … [Read More...]

Israel Hernandez at Canterbury Park

Israel Hernandez is a popular and successful jockey at Canterbury Park. Learn more about him in this video. … [Read More...]


By JIM WELLS Right place at the right time. An urban myth, pure fantasy, akin to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Try telling that to jockey Nik Goodwin or Jim Western, a contractor from Sanger, California. They aren’t apt to buy it, not after what happened on Sunday. Goodwin … [Read More...]


BY JIM WELLS It has been proposed once before and this additional suggestion is not based on settled science but on mounting evidence: Canterbury should consider running a 67-day meet featuring ostrich, zebra and camel racing each year, mixing in a thoroughbred/quarter horse day here and … [Read More...]

July 14 News and Notes

Alex Canchari was very efficient on Thursday while riding just three of the eight thoroughbred races and winning with all three mounts. Canchari took advantage of the break that followed the long July 4 race week and traveled to Los Angeles for some R and R.  The broken right hand appears to … [Read More...]

Trainer Profile: Ariel Gordon

By Katie Merritt Trainer Ariel Gordon is originally from El Paso, Texas, where she spent many mornings with her dad at Sunland Park while he helped to construct barns. “He was a welder, so he did a lot of work for the Arnetts and the McArthurs,” she explained, “And he would take me to see … [Read More...]

Extreme Memories

By Noah Joseph Saturday is Extreme Race Day, a highlight of the year at Canterbury Park, now in its 11th edition. It’s a wild and wacky day for all featuring camel, ostrich, and zebra races. The first Extreme Race Day was held in 2007, and I was there at age nine. So this is a recollection … [Read More...]

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